Material design loading animation

This is pretty straight forward, Material design loading animation!

Material design loading animation is the little circular icon spinning around into eternity as you look at your Android device waiting for your social media app to load, just kidding, but seriously though, how to achieve the same result in after effects easily and best of all, how to loop it?

Material design loading animation
Result of project file at the end of this article

Animated Loading (Spinner) by Mohammad Amiri
Animated Loading (Spinner) by Mohammad Amiri

Some examples

Loading Spinners  by Eddy Gann
Loading Spinners by Eddy Gann

On my YouTube Channel I explain how to achieve this cute little spinner

Text instructions:

  • Create a new composition
  • Create an ellipse, set the desired size, remove the fill and increase the stroke
  • Add a Trim Path shape modifier
  • Animate the start and end key frames to open then close the circle
  • Add the loopOut() expression
  • Add a single rotation keyframe and add the following expression to it:
    • time*180
  • Easy ease all the keyframes by selecting all the keyframes and pressing F9

Visual keyframes guide

Google’s logo animation

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